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The Milwaukee Brewers Walk of Fame was established in 2001 with the opening of Miller Park. Although the Milwaukee Brewers do not have an official Hall of Fame, the honor of induction into the Walk is considered to be the equivalent. Each member of the Walk is honored with a home plate-shaped granite slab, featuring the member's name and signature, as well as years associated with Milwaukee. The slabs are arranged around Miller Park, circling the stadium and culminating with the Hank Aaron and Robin Yount statues in front of the home plate area of the park. Between 2001 and 2005, twelve members of the Milwaukee Brewers were inducted. After no new additions in 2006, three members of the former Milwaukee Braves were inducted in 2007.[1]

The voting process involves approximately 100 Wisconsin media members and Brewers officials. In 2007, a second ballot featuring members of Milwaukee Braves was also sent to voters. To be elected, nominees must receive 75% of the vote from all ballots received. Individuals must receive at least 5% of the vote to remain eligible in future years. Induction is limited only to players and officials who spend at least three years in Milwaukee.[2]

Candidates for future inductions include Brewers George Bamberger and Ben Oglivie, who each came within three votes of selection in 2007, and Brave Lew Burdette who missed selection by just one vote in 2007.


2001Hank AaronDesignated hitter1975–1976
2001Rollie FingersPitcher1981–1985
2001Paul MolitorInfielder/Designated hitter1978–1992
2001Robin YountShortstop/Center fielder1974–1993
2002Cecil CooperFirst baseman/Designated hitter1977–1987
2002Bud SeligOwner1970–1993
2003Harry DaltonGeneral Manager1978–1991
2003Bob UeckerBroadcaster1971–present
2004Jim GantnerSecond baseman1976–1992
2004Gorman ThomasCenter fielder/Designated hitter1973–1983, 1986
2005Harvey KuennCoach (baseball)/Manager1971–1983
2005Don MoneyThird baseman1973–1983
2007Eddie MatthewsThird baseman1953–1965
2007Warren SpahnPitcher1953–1964
2007John QuinnGeneral Manager1953–1959

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