The following is a list of home run champions by individual season, divided into three categories for educated comparison:

In baseball, a home run is scored when the ball is hit in such a way that the batter is able to circle all the bases ending at home plate, scoring himself and each runner who was already on base, with no errors by the defensive team on the play. The feat is typically achieved by hitting the ball over the outfield fence in fair territory without it first touching the ground, which results in an automatic home run. There is also the rarer inside-the-park home run, where the hitter circles the bases while the baseball is in play on the field. In Major League Baseball (MLB), a player in each league wins the home run title each season by hitting the most home runs that year. Only home runs hit as a member of a particular league count towards that league's seasonal lead.

Over the course of his 22-season career, Babe Ruth led the American League in home runs 12 times. Mike Schmidt and Ralph Kiner have the second and third most home run titles respectively, Schmidt with eight and Kiner with seven, all won in the National League. Kiner's seven consecutive titles from 1946 to 1952 are also the most consecutive home run titles by any player. The most recent Brewers leader was Prince Fielder in 2009, hitting 46 home runs, just one shy of the league lead 47 hit by Albert Pujols in the National League. In the American League, the league champions were Carlos Peña and Mark Teixeira, sharing the title in the AL with 39 home runs each.

Season leadersEdit

Home run leaders by season
Season Brewer Leader HRs American League Leader HRs National League Leader HRs
1979 GThomas20 Gorman Thomas 45 GThomas20 Gorman Thomas (MIL) 45 Cubs79-89 Dave Kingman (CHC) 48
1980 Brewers8 Ben Oglivie 41     Brewers8    Ben Oglivie (MIL)
    RJackson1NYY    Reggie Jackson (NYY)
41 Schmidt2-76-82 Mike Schmidt (PHI) 48
1981 GThomas20 Gorman Thomas 21     Orioles71-88    Bobby Grich (BAL)
    RedSox1    Eddie Murray (BOS)
    Angels2    Dwight Evans (CAL)
    A's72-84    Tony Armas (OAK)
22 Schmidt2-76-82 Mike Schmidt (PHI) 31
1982 GThomas20 Gorman Thomas 39     GThomas20    Gorman Thomas (MIL)
    RJackson1CAL    Reggie Jackson (CAL)
39 Kingman1 Dave Kingman (NYM) 37
1983 Cooper15 Cecil Cooper 30 JRice2 Jim Rice (BOS) 39 MSchmidt1 Mike Schmidt (PHI) 40
1984 Yount19 Robin Yount 16 Armas2 Tony Armas (BOS) 43     MSchmidt1    Mike Schmidt (PHI)
    Murphy1    Dale Murphy (ATL)
1985 Cooper15 Cecil Cooper 33 Tigers1 Darrell Evans (DET) 40 Murphy1 Dale Murphy (ATL) 37
1986 Brewers7 Rob Deer 33 Barfield2 Jesse Barfield (TOR) 40 MSchmidt1 Mike Schmidt (PHI) 37
1987 Brewers7 Rob Deer 28 McGwire3OAK Mark McGwire (OAK) 49 ADawson3 Andre Dawson (CHC) 49
1988 Brewers7 Rob Deer 23 Canseco3OAK José Canseco (OAK) 42 Strawberry1 Darryl Strawberry (NYM) 39
1989 Brewers7 Rob Deer 26 McGriff2TOR Fred McGriff (TOR) 36 Giants4 Kevin Mitchell (SF) 47
1990 Brewers7 Rob Deer 27 Tigers1 Cecil Fielder (DET) 51 Sandberg3 Ryne Sandberg (CHC) 40
1991 Brewers7 Greg Vaughn 27     Canseco3OAK    José Canseco (OAK)
    Tigers1    Cecil Fielder (DET)
44 HoJohnson1 Howard Johnson (NYM) 38
1992 Brewers7 Greg Vaughn 23 Rangers86-93 Juan González (TEX) 43 Padres91-00 Fred McGriff (SD) 35
1993 Brewers7 Greg Vaughn 30 Rangers86-93 Juan González (TEX) 46 Bonds3 Barry Bonds (SF) 46
1994 Brewers5 Greg Vaughn 19 Griffey1SEA Ken Griffey, Jr. (SEA) 40 Giants4 Matt Williams (SF) 43
1995 Brewers5 John Jaha 20 Belle3 Albert Belle (CLE) 50 Rockies1 Dante Bichette (COL) 40
1996 Brewers5 John Jaha 34 McGwire3OAK Mark McGwire (OAK) 52 Rockies1 Andrés Galarraga (COL) 47
1997 Burnitz1 Jeromy Burnitz 27 Griffey1SEA Ken Griffey, Jr. (SEA) 56 LWalker1 Larry Walker (COL) 49
1998 Burnitz1 Jeromy Burnitz 38 Griffey1SEA Ken Griffey, Jr. (SEA) 56 McGwire1 Mark McGwire (STL) 70
1999 Burnitz1 Jeromy Burnitz 33 Griffey1SEA Ken Griffey, Jr. (SEA) 48 McGwire1 Mark McGwire (STL) 65
2000 Jenkins1 Geoff Jenkins 34 Glaus1ANA Troy Glaus (ANA) 47 Sosa1 Sammy Sosa (CHC) 50
2001 Brewers1 Richie Sexson 45 ARod1TEX Alex Rodriguez (TEX) 52 Bonds1 Barry Bonds (SF) 73
2002 Brewers1 Richie Sexson 29 ARod1TEX Alex Rodriguez (TEX) 57 Sosa1 Sammy Sosa (CHC) 49
2003 Brewers1 Richie Sexson 45 ARod1TEX Alex Rodriguez (TEX) 47 Thome1PHI Jim Thome (PHI) 47
2004 Jenkins1 Geoff Jenkins 27 Manny1BOS Manny Ramírez (BOS) 43 Beltre1 Adrián Beltré (LAD) 48
2005 Brewers1 Carlos Lee 32 ARod1 Alex Rodriguez (NYY) 48 AJones1 Andruw Jones (ATL) 51
2006 BHall1 Bill Hall 35 Ortiz1 David Ortiz (BOS) 54 RHoward1 Ryan Howard (PHI) 58
2007 Fielder1 Prince Fielder 50 ARod1 Alex Rodriguez (NYY) 54 Fielder1 Prince Fielder (MIL) 50
2008 Braun1 Ryan Braun 37 MCabrera1 Miguel Cabrera (DET) 37 RHoward1 Ryan Howard (PHI) 48
2009 Fielder1 Prince Fielder 46     CPena1    Carlos Peña (TB)
    Tex1    Mark Teixeira (NYY)
39 Pujols1 Albert Pujols (STL) 47
2010 Fielder1 Prince Fielder 32 JBautista1 José Bautista (TOR) 54 Pujols1 Albert Pujols (STL) 42