The following is a list of batting champions by individual season, divided into three categories for educated comparison:

The batting championship is awarded to the Major League Baseball player in each of the American League and the National League who has the highest batting average in a particular season.

Currently, a player needs to accrue an average of at least 3.1 plate appearances for each game his team plays in order to qualify for the batting title, which roughly estimates to total 502 at bat appearances. An exception to this qualification rule is that, if a player falls short of 3.1 plate appearances per game, but would still have the highest batting average if enough hitless at-bats were added to reach the 3.1 average mark, the player still wins the batting championship.

Season leadersEdit

Batting champions by season
Season Brewer Leader RBI American League Leader RBI National League Leader RBI
2000 Jenkins1 Geoff Jenkins .303 Garciaparra1 Nomar Garciaparra (BOS) .372 Helton1 Todd Helton (COL) .372
2001 Brewers1 Richie Sexson .271 Ichiro1 Ichiro Suzuki (SEA) .350 LWalker1 Larry Walker (COL) .350
2002 Brewers1 Jose Hernandez .288 Manny1BOS Manny Ramírez (BOS) .349 Bonds1 Barry Bonds (SF) .370
2003 Brewers1 Scott Podsednik .314 BMueller1 Bill Mueller (BOS) .326 Pujols1 Albert Pujols (STL) .359
2004 Brewers1 Lyle Overbay .301 Ichiro1 Ichiro Suzuki (SEA) .372 Bonds1 Barry Bonds (SF) .362
2005 Brewers1 Brady Clark .306 MYoung1 Michael Young (TEX) .331 DLee1 Derrek Lee (CHC) .335
2006 Fielder1 Prince Fielder .271 Mauer1 Joe Mauer (MIN) .347 FSanchez1 Freddy Sanchez .344
2007 Braun1 Ryan Braun .324 MOrdonez1 Magglio Ordóñez (DET) .363 Holliday1COL Matt Holliday (COL) .340
2008 Braun1 Ryan Braun .285 Mauer1 Joe Mauer (MIN) .328 Chipper1 Chipper Jones (ATL) .364
2009 Braun1 Ryan Braun .320 Mauer1 Joe Mauer (MIN) .365 HRamirez1 Hanley Ramirez (FLA) .342