The following is a list of runs batted in (RBI) champions by individual season, divided into three categories for educated comparison:

In baseball, runs batted in or RBI is a statistic used in baseball to credit a batter when the outcome of his at-bat results in a run being scored.

Season leadersEdit

RBI leaders by season
Season Brewer Leader RBI American League Leader RBI National League Leader RBI
1997 Burnitz1 Jeromy Burnitz 85 Griffey1SEA Ken Griffey, Jr. (SEA) 147 Rockies1 Andrés Galarraga (COL) 140
1998 Burnitz1 Jeromy Burnitz 125 Rangers86-93 Juan González (TEX) 157 Sosa1 Sammy Sosa (CHC) 158
1999 Burnitz1 Jeromy Burnitz 103 Manny3CLE Manny Ramírez (CLE) 165 McGwire1 Mark McGwire (STL) 147
2000 Burnitz1 Jeromy Burnitz 98 EMartinez1 Edgar Martinez (SEA) 145 Helton1 Todd Helton (COL) 147
2001 Brewers1 Richie Sexson 125 Mariners1 Bret Boone (SEA) 141 Sosa1 Sammy Sosa (CHC) 160
2002 Brewers1 Richie Sexson 102 ARod1TEX Alex Rodriguez (TEX) 142 Berkman1 Lance Berkman (HOU) 128
2003 Brewers1 Richie Sexson 124 Delgado1TOR Carlos Delgado (TOR) 145 Rockies1 Preston Wilson (COL) 141
2004 Jenkins1 Geoff Jenkins 93 MTejeda Miguel Tejeda (BAL) 150 Rockies1 Vinny Castilla (COL) 131
2005 Brewers1 Carlos Lee 114 Ortiz1 David Ortiz (BOS) 148 AJones1 Andruw Jones (ATL) 128
2006 BHall1 Bill Hall 85 Ortiz1 David Ortiz (BOS) 137 RHoward1 Ryan Howard (PHI) 149
2007 Fielder1 Prince Fielder 119 ARod1 Alex Rodriguez (NYY) 156 Holliday1COL Matt Holliday (COL) 137
2008 Braun1 Ryan Braun 106 JHamilton2 Josh Hamilton (TEX) 130 RHoward1 Ryan Howard (PHI) 146
2009 Fielder1 Prince Fielder 141 Tex1 Mark Teixeira (NYY) 122     Fielder1    Prince Fielder (MIL)
    RHoward1    Ryan Howard (PHI)
2010 McGehee1 Casey McGehee 104 MCabrera1 Miguel Cabrera (DET) 126 Pujols1 Albert Pujols (STL) 118

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